Smt. Latha is the daughter of Shri. Doraiswamy Rangachari and Smt. Alamelu Rangachari who instilled a deep cultural heritage and a strong value structure in her. She is the wife of Superstar Rajinikanth the iconic star known worldwide, who enjoys the love and following of millions of people all over the World. She is the proud mother of Aishwarya Rajinikanth Dhanush & Soundarya Rajinikanth, who have made a mark for themselves in their chosen careers. She is a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Mother.


Latha Rajinikanth is an Educationist and Founder of the The Ashram Group of Institutions that was started in 1991.


Latha Rajinikanth is a musician, composer, singer, writer and a natural choreographer whose artistic skills have trained and moulded several generations of young talents.


“Dayaa”, meaning compassion is the very essence of human nature - a quality of vital significance, that sets us apart as unique in creation.
















Childhood is the very foundation of one’s life. The impacts and impressions that are created in a growing mind go a long way in shaping one’s personality. A responsible society needs to realize this deeply and pay priority attention to its importance. Only a healthy childhood can produce wholesome and worthy people and people are the very force and power behind any Nation.

It is only through meaningful education, that a country can be blessed with people of fine calibre and character. The glory of India still looks towards its ancient past and its ancient advanced society; living in peace, harmony and prosperity. Today, we and our children are witnessing the deterioration, degeneration and destruction- socially, culturally, economically, spiritually and morally.

It is a sad state of affairs to witness the crumbling of our great Nation's morale.We Live in a time where India stands impoverished in its noble and profound wisdom. We cannot afford to remain in our slumber of indifference and ignorance towards an urgent need. We need a renaissance today- and this has to start first in education, as it forms the basis of an individual's development.

As Indians, we need to regain our moralistic strength and reeling the value structure in our children today. We need to restore India's glory and help her stand with her head held high. This, can only be done if all of us work together, with commitment and selflessness. Generations have gone by without an awakening to this cause and we cannot afford to remain idle any further. We, as a conscious society must not incur the condemnations of the generations yet to come.

To experience at least a little of our truly advanced India once again and rediscover it for our children, let us start with the right approach to education. Let us pledge to give our country the kind of people that we can be proud of. Let India see once again, the likes of our ancestors, who stood as symbols of high thinking, simple living and as a beacon of inspiration to the entire World. It is our duty to protect and save the motherland that bears, nurtures and nourishes us. To our Dharma Bhoomi Bharat and to the lineage of great masters and teachers of this land, I dedicate the mission I have taken up for the cause of education.

I look forward to everyone of you to join and patronize me in this reform movement- which I place as an offering to our
"Little Great People"- our children.

Let us wake up, as in this awakening only, lies the future of our children who by getting moral strength wil become pillars of our Nation.


Striving to create a better India of tomorrow, Latha Rajinikanth has created a number of groups to help support the cause. These groups embodies the ideals Latha Rajinikants aims to achieve, working hard everyday to make them a reality.
The Ashram Group of Institutions

At The Ashram, education is imparted with a difference and a rich learning atmosphere is evolved in order to facilitate sharing of knowledge.

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Shree Dayaa Foundation

Latha Rajinikanth’s immense love of humanity, in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing and enhancing what it means to be human, led to the creation of Shree Dayaa Foundation.
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Peace for Children

Latha Rajinikanth have created a very special initiative for children called “PEACE FOR CHILDREN” under the social care entity “Shree Dayaa Foundation”

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Awards & Recognitions


Various social organizations having recognized her service to children, society and humanity in general, have bestowed upon her accolades and honors on numerous RECOGNITIONS upon her accolades and honors on numerous occasions.


She is a recipient of SEVA RATNA AWARD, GURUVANDAN AWARD, CHACHA NEHRU AWARD, to name a few.


Latha Rajinikanth continues to be a constant source of inspiration to many around her, because of the sheer commitment and dedication that she devotes to the betterment of the self and society at large.


Here are some of the many events conducted by Latha Rajinikanth in her quest to change the country for the better. Peace for Children is an NGO that acts as a platform, allowing the people to focus their efforts into a single cause and provide a platform for children to better themselves. It is through this platform that children gain access to basic needs that they have been deprived of for so many years.